14 year old Eladrin Rogue


Rhyla is the youngest PC at 14 years old. Right now she is about 5ft. tall, but she is still growing and will actually be 6ft. tall when she’s all grown up.

She is Eladrin, so her eyes are opalescent blue and her hair is a pale silver-blonde. A blue crecent and star tatoo runs the entire length of her torso on the left side.

As a thief, her favorite hobby is collecting things, especially the “shinies” and the “sparklies”. She has also nicknamed everyone of her companions and most of the other people she has met.

Rhyla’s favorite person is Gnosis, and her new personal goal is to rescue him from wherever the stupid magic cards took him too. Her least favorite person is a tossup between Bordric Stonefist and that (Bastard) Psion.


Rhyla will happily tell you her life story:

Rhyla grew up in the feyspire Taer Syraen with her mother for the first 10 years of her life, but with the Mourning her mother wished to visit her relatives in another city. Traveling with a 10 year-old is not a good idea, so Rhyla was left in Korth to wait for her mother, but she never came back. Rhyla was kicked out of the home she was in shortly after her mother left for consorting with rogues, and took up a life of crime on the streets. After watching Gnosis feeding one night, and thinking that was the coolest thing in the world, Rhyla began to follow him, and by the time they meet the other PCs he has come to accept her company.


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