The Maker's Crown

The Maker's Crown



The story begins with the company (consisting of Artifacer and Illithid, Gnosis Korion; 14 year old Eladrin Rogue, Rhyla; Sorcerer Halfling, Roy “Burnstuff” (known for his chaotic explosive powers); and Elven Shaman, Otakuran) meeting a dwarf by the name of Borderik Stonefist who is interested in hiring them to find a mysterious item for the King. Unsure of where to start, the company soon meets a woman by the name of Elmira Darkfeather who directs them to the town of Winterhaven where they will find the first part of this particular object.


Once there the group finds the town in trouble and must stop Kalorel from summoning Orkus from another relm. Along the way they gain the aid of Minotaur Barbarian Jake Bonehoof, and a psionic bastard who they do not learn the name of, they do suceed.

In thanks the town gifts the company with a tower, and several other items including the first piece of their mysterious item: the Maker’s Crown. The company also adds another member, a halfling paladin and plane hopping gypsy, Lyddia.


Once the first piece is in their posession, the company discovers that Elmira was not a friend of anyone in Winterhaven so they go back to their starting town in search of her, but she is long gone. Another companion is picked up along the way, an ex-assassin and changling named Xiz(although at the time he is calling himself Roran Daleborn)

They contact their employer by means of a sending stone and he requests they join him in Sharn by way of train. However the tickets to the train are all sold when they get to the station and the next train will not come for another week.

The Psion, who left shortly after finding the first piece of the maker’s crown reapears and aids the company boarding the train by creating a major distraction. The traveling goes smoothly until about half way when a band of bandits attack the train. It derails and mysteriously continues on a new path, straight over a cliff. Fortunately the company and most of the passingers make it off the train alive.

That night an airship stops overhead, captained by a friend of Lyddia’s, Big Red. On board the mysterious Deck of Many Things causes havok on the company, blessing some and cursing others. Gnosis is cursed the worst by far, his soul is riped from his body and trapped on another plane. His body is then stowed away with Rhyla for when she finds him.

Ariving in Sharn, the company splits up. Those who go to the train station are attacked by a changling assassin, but they manage to ward him off and meet up with their fellow companions. Unable to find Borderik, the group is directed to meet with the crazy artificer Haywire who helps them locate and converse with Borderik. He was capable of communicatinbg through a scrying spell and points the company in the right direction, but he answeres none of the company’s other questions.


The company travels to Xen’drik. There they learn that the Maker’s Crown may have something to do with the origin of the warforged. Xiz reveals himself to be a changling at this time. The second piece was found in the ruins of the giant’s castle garded by to giant constructs. There they also learn the Warforged part was made up long ago to throw people off the trail.


The company decides this would be a good time to relax and return to Sharn for a well desirved vacation. However the Changling Assassin shows back up and the is defeated by the entire group. From him the company learnd Borderik is behind the assassination attempt, and he is not from this plane. The group use the assassin’s meeting with his employ to spring a trap using the Crown pieces as bate, but he sees through it and magically summons the pieces to him before returning to his home world

Remembering Haywire, the group decide to ask him for aid in planar hopping. He does have a machine and a lock on the general location of Borderik, so the company says goodbye to Eberon for a time. Traveling with them is a Kobold Fighter by the name of Bax.

When they come into the new world they find themselves in a gladitorial arena where Roy uses his arcane magic and causes a huge uproar. In this world, arcane magic has nearly killed the planet. The company manages to escape the compound with the help of a local bird-man, Hollow. and make their way to the city of Urik. There they meet a secret society of arcane magicians that promise to help Hollow, who fell victem to sun sickness and got worse rather quickly.

It turns out that a second soul was traped inside Hollows body and he would continue to worsen if it was not released. The soul was Gnosis! In payment, the society requests the company stop Borderik the Iornfisted from compleeting the Maker’s Crown. They readily agree and set off.

The lair itself is suprisingly easy to navigate, and the company arive just in time to disrupt the rutual, however they only manage to postpone. Borderic wears the makers crown and turns into a dragon of mist and metal. After an epic battle the company manages to defeat the dragon and rend the Crown back into three fragments. Bax keeps one piece, Rhyla a second, and Lyddia the third.


Haywire contacts the group, and with the help of the arcane society is able to open a portal back into Eberon, however before they leave Gnosis anounces he must leave to help another world and refuses to let Rhyla go with him.

The Psion returns to his home with a scroll from Borderik’s fortress that frees his people and makes him their new king.

The rest of the Company returns to Eberon. Jake starts a band of mercinaries only to be arrested for public drunkeness a week later, however that night there is an explosion at the jail and he disapears.

Bax returns to his people with his third of the crown where he is named a hero and the shard an heirlom of his people.

Liddia spots a caravan of gyspys, the planar hopping friends of hers, and goes off with them followed by Xiz and Rhyla who become performers in the caravan.

Rhyla continues to search for Gnosis, who promised to see her on the plane with the nine suns, and eventually they do meet again.



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