Roy "Burnstuff" Van Bueran

Halfling sorcerous firesetting jackass.


Lv. 6 Halfling/Sorceror

HP: 50

Initiative: 11

Ability Scores: 10 Strength 12 Constitution 19 Dexterity 10 Intelligence 10 Wisdom 19 Charisma

Defenses: 16 AC 13 Fortitude 16 Reflex 18 Will

Weapon: Staff of Fiery Might


Bio: If such a man were to carry one constant ambition and fetish for incinerating any shape or mass, it would be Roy Van Bueran. Roy is a 4-foot halfling sorceror who has traveled from far lands in search of exciting adventures (and things to burn down). He is overall a self-centered jackass with a short temper, as he usually just cares for himself and his own survival. He however has a soft spot for women. Although it’s obvious to see him as a foulmouthed “hobbit” with a thirst for firesetting, many cannot read the person he actually is.

Backstory: Not much is known about Roy’s backstory…

Love interest: Fire and one-night stands.

Goals: To burn down almost everything in sight.

Hated enemies: Rats (especially those riddled with gonorrhea), dragons, anything that can’t be burned, and a certain Psyion.

Roy "Burnstuff" Van Bueran

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