Big Red

Airship Captain extraordinaire, artificer of exquisite quality, and Damn Big Guy


Despite being a human, Big Red is built like a dwarf- stocky and solid, with deep red hair and a large beard, though he’s tall to boot. At about 6’5, he’s taller than most humans, though not as big as a Goliath or Minotaur. As an artificer, he’s usually decked out with the usual magical accoutrements.


Big Red is an airship captain who’s been in the business for years. Back during the Last War, he’d hire out his ship and crew ferrying equipment as well as information, and his reputation precedes him even now. What’s most notable about his crew is that but for a few exceptions, it’s almost entirely manned by Warforged- living constructs made of wood, stone, and metal. They all seem to take orders from Big Red, but primarily show allegiance to Big Red’s second in command, the Warforged known as Sarge.

Big Red also seems has a history with Lydia d’Gallanda, the female Halfling Paladin that joined the party in Winterhaven after they defeated Kalarel.

Big Red

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