Elmira Darkfeather

Mysterious human woman, she is not who she seemed to be


A human woman of moderate height, Elmira has sharp, slender features and wears scarlet, regal clothing embroidered with gold thread and trimmed with fur.


You met Elmira in the small, frost-bitten town of Lakeside. She approached you in the town tavern, the Yellow Dart, and provided you with details on where to begin looking for the artifact you seek, claiming to know all about your quest. Nothing else is known about this person, but she seems to be a master of stealth and deception, and is certainly not to be trusted. After defeating Kalarel in Winterhaven, you learned from Eilian the Old that Elmira was not his contact. You have presumed that the real contact was likely killed, and their place usurped by Elmira.

Her personality is cold, frigid even- a good match for the weather affecting Karrnath this time of year. She takes matters of business seriously, and loathes wasting time. May or may not have a stick up her butt, depending on who you ask.

Elmira Darkfeather

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