Bordrek Stonefist

This NPC set off the chain reaction leading the PCs off on their quest in the first place.


Bordrek is a Dwarf, and thus shorter and stouter than a human. He has short, dark hair and a similarly short beard. He is also one of the Dragonmarked, bearing the mark of House Kundarak. Being an artificer as well, he always has several scrolls, wands, rods, and other magical knick-knacks close at hand.


Bordrek is a Dwarven Artificer and a member of House Kundarak, one of the 12 Dragonmarked mercantile Houses in Eberron. He bears the Mark of Warding, literally marking him as a member of the House. You met Bordrek in Fairhaven, the capital of the nation of Aundair. He told you that he is a scholar from Morgrave University in Sharn (known as the City of Towers, a major cultural and economic hub in the nation of Breland), and he is seeking information on the whereabouts of, or existence of, an artifact known as the Maker’s Crown.

From what you know about Morgrave University, it “doesn’t possess the prestige of other universities. Instead, it boasts an outstanding collection of ancient treasures and relics. The institution’s expeditions are often glorified treasure hunts. Still, its scholars and professors are learned and ardent” (4E Eberron Player’s Guide, pg 23). To you, this is just another treasure hunt, and you’re likely more than happy to track down a trinket for one of the university’s lazier scholars in exchange for sizable wealth, though everyone might have differing motivations on why they agreed to help Bordrek.

As time wore on, it turns out that Bordrek is not entirely who he said he was, and that this Dwarf has many more secrets that he is withholding from the heroes. The professors at Morgrave University denied knowledge of Bordrek, and records showed him last as a visitor from Karrnath (in fact, recorded as ‘Court Artificer’ of Karrnath). What are his true motives and just who is he, really? Time may tell.

Bordrek Stonefist

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