• Gnosis Korion

    Gnosis Korion

    Born of a fusion of two worlds, an outcast in both, and an emissary of a strange, distant god.
  • Rhyla


    14 year old Eladrin Rogue
  • Roy "Burnstuff" Van Bueran

    Roy "Burnstuff" Van Bueran

    Halfling sorcerous firesetting jackass.
  • Xiz


    Sold at birth to the Nightstalker assassin guild he left the guild following a messy incident with his first contract at fourteen. Since then he has been on the run and is very distrustful of strangers
  • Big Red

    Big Red

    Airship Captain extraordinaire, artificer of exquisite quality, and Damn Big Guy
  • Bordrek Stonefist

    Bordrek Stonefist

    This NPC set off the chain reaction leading the PCs off on their quest in the first place.
  • Elmira Darkfeather

    Elmira Darkfeather

    Mysterious human woman, she is not who she seemed to be